Featured Artists

Seven Fires is deeply honored to work with so many accomplished Native American artists and crafters. We are especially grateful for the participation and significant contribution of the following artists who allow us to feature their work for sale. Click below to begin your journey.

    Leo White Horse - Graphic Design, Illustration

    Donald F. Montileaux - Painting & Ledger Art

      Evans Flammond Sr - Ledger Art & Multi Media

        Diane Tells His Name - Dolls

          Brendon Albers - Sculpture

            Ward Two Eagle - Painting & Multi Media

            Maretta Afraid of Bear - Leather & Bead Work

            Shawn Espinosa - Parfleche

            Benjamin Leedom - Quilts

            Dustin Twiss - Colored Pencil

            Merle Locke - Painting & Ledger Art

            Thurman Horse - Painting & Ledger Art

            Chase Kahwinhut Earles - Pottery