Current Projects

Organic Growth Provides Hope

Managing an art business is difficult for any artist. For artists on impoverished reservations, it's nearly impossible to do all that is required to have a thriving business in today's marketplace. Our online gallery is filling that gap for many artisans.
In 2018, we expect our business to grow again! Our web site is currently being managed by one of our directors in Iowa, but the logical, necessary next step is to move it to our location near Pine Ridge. Our goal is to hire and train one or two people to manage the website!

You Can Help!

We operate on a very tight budget and we rely on donations to make our goals happen. Your gifts can bring income to artists and help us prepare and furnish the art center. 

Volunteers Needed

We will also be looking for volunteers experienced in construction and business to help create our facility and train our employees in photography, web site operation and business management. To volunteer, please contact