Current Projects

Organic Growth

Managing an art business is difficult for any artist. For Native artists, especially those on reservations, it can be especially challenging to secure the resources and do everything needed to maintain a thriving business in today's marketplace. Our online gallery is filling that gap for many.
In 2018 we experienced significant growth again! Primarily self-funded, our sales, number of artists served, and amounts paid to artists have increased steadily since 2014. But we have not been able to achieve the next steps of moving our operation to the Reservation, creating two paid positions, and building online sales to the point of making it all profitable and sustainable.

You Can Help!

We rely on donations to make our goals happen and we are making a special appeal to our wonderful customers and friends to help us reach big goals through 2019 and into 2020. Please read more about our 20-20-20 in 2020 Initiative.

Volunteers Needed

We are also seeking volunteers experienced in many areas of business and construction to help create our facility and build our online business. Read more about Volunteer Opportunities with Seven Fires.