A directory of artists and others who have expressed their support for our mission. Please contact us for more information about becoming a Member Artist, joining our effort, or for information about any of our Member Artists.


Maretta Afraid of Bear
Oglala Lakota
Dollmaking, Beadwork
Find Maretta AfraidofBear on Facebook.


Dustin Baird                   Mato Ohitika                 Seven Fires Board Member 2018-Present
605 431-5862                

Eric Betoni                        Joined Seven Fires June 2019
Member of the Navajo Nation
Ceremonial Items: Painted Drums, Bags, Earrings
505 609-0633

Latonia Blacksmith

Minerva Blacksmith
Three Dimensional Beadwork: Beaded Corn with Leather

Wilma Blacksmith
Beadwork: Bling Bling Earrings                  

Howard Blue Bird (Theresa Red Feather)      Seven Fires Charter Member 2014 
Pen & Pencil Drawings

Jim Bruce          Joined Seven Fires June 2019
Yankton Sioux Tribe
Hand Drums, Ceremonial Items, Carved Bone and Antler, Breastplates
PO Box 43
Mission, SD 57555
605 828-7772


Mike Patton
Graphic Artist, Screen Printing, Traditional Lakota Arts
lakotaartstudio on Instagram 

Burton Chief Sr 
Drums, Earrings, Dream Catchers, Key Chains; Leather, Bone, Antler, Glass Beads, Quillwork

Claw Antler Hide Company     Gary
735 Mt Rushmore Road
Custer, SD 57730
605 673-4345

Emma Pinky Clifford
Manderson Business Owner
OST Partnership for Housing Director
Artist and Supporter of Native Arts

Velena Cynthia Crazy Thunder
Beadwork; Caps, Purses, Medallions, Bolos, Necklaces, Earrings, Hat Pins



Chase Kahwinhut Earles
Caddo Tribe of Texas
Traditional Caddo Pottery

Shawn Espinosa          Seven Fires Charter Member 2014
Oglala, South Dakota
Traditional Lakota Parfleche Boxes, Envelopes, Earrings, Belts and More
Espinosa Parfleche and Rawhide on Facebook



Amanda Ghost

Jaida and Jenna GreyEagle
Find on Etsy: JaidaGreyEagle                  


Stan Hawkins
Rapid City, South Dakota
Traditional Lakota Arts
Winner, 2015  Black Hills Powwow

Natalie Hilleman        Seven Fires Founder 2014
Seven Fires Director September 2014-Present
515 231-8192

Rhonda Holy Bear
Lakota Doll Artist
Rhonda Holy Bear - Lakota Artist of The Plains on Facebook

Angelo Horse
Porcupine, South Dakota
Beadwork: Mirrored Earrings

Thurman Horse          Joined Seven Fires 2018
Oglala Lakota
Porcupine, South Dakota
Thurman Horses on Facebook
Cell  605 407-8705

Tony Horse Road 
Fine Antler Carving and Quillwork, Rawhide, Brain Tanning, Parfleche including Journals

Holly Hosie
Seven Fires Member Since 2018     Seven Fires Representative Since 2019
Oglala, South Dakota
605 454-2616



James Jumping Eagle
Member Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe

Journey Museum
Connor McMann
Rapid City, South Dakota


VeVina Kaline
Pine Ridge, South Dakota
Morning Star Earrings

Lana Kelly 
Beadwork, Dream Catchers

Gilbert Kills Pretty Enemy                            Ta Sanka Gi Hetchia
McLaughlin, South Dakota
Chameleon Horse Art & Design
606 823-4582
605 850-4046
Multi media, painting


Delphine Lays Bad
Beaded Earrings; Rhinestone and Cut Glass

Pete Lien & Sons
Construction Materials

Merle Locke
Rushville, Nebraska
Oglala Lakota Artist: Ledger Paintings and Paintings on Hide and Canvas

Ken Lone Elk
Running Strong for Lakota Youth

Travis Lone Hill
Dream Catchers, Earrings, Tipis, Pen and Pencil Drawings


Lillie Mitchell 
Bling Bling Earrings

Don Montileaux
Rapid City, South Dakota
Phone: 605 381-2892
Web Site:



Oglala Sioux Tribal Partnership for Housing
PO Box 3001 #96 CC Yards
Pine Ridge, SD 57770


Yellow Pony Pettibone
Traditional Antler, Sinew & Leather War Clubs, Talking Sticks, Knives       

Kevin Poor Bear
Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Walden Poor Bear
Quill Earrings

Germaine Pourier
Buffalo Robes

Patrick Joel Pulliam
Ledger Artist
Find Joe on Facebook

Kenny Putnam
Fine Art Printing, Artist Mentor
ImageUp Creative Services
201 Main St #9 Suite 110
Rapid City, SD 57701
Office   605 343-3649
Cell      605 390-8804



Avery Red Cloud
Pine Ridge, South Dakota
Avery Red Cloud on Facebook

Miranda Red Cloud
Generation Quillwork on Facebook

Theresa Red Feather
Seven Fires Art Founding Member 2014
Pine Ridge, South Dakota
Leather and Beadwork: Moccasins, Wrist Bands, Regalia; Dolls

Calvin Red Owl III
Find Calvin on Facebook

Richard Red Owl
Seven Fires Art Member Artist Since 2020
Kyle, South Dakota
605 407-1519   

Bethany Reed, AGPCNP-BC
Seven Fires Art Board Member and Artist Liaison
808 868-9595

Wanda Rowland
Beaded, mirrored earrings, mocs, caps, visors
made to order, bulk orders
605 441-5800
Find Wanda on Facebook


Susan Shockey 
Bone and Horn Wire Wrapped Earrings

James Stonemen
Beadword & Quillwork

Swift Bird Family (Carla Swift Bird Pittman / Designs by Carla)
Jewelry, Regalia, Clothing, Leatherwork, Etc
605 454-3091
Box 3035
Pine Ridge South Dakota 57770


Loren Tail
Beadwork, Dream Catchers, Earrings

Diane Tells His Name
Dolls, Jewelry
Etsy Shop: LoneElkCreations

Gilson Ten Fingers
Oglala, South Dakota
Beadwork, Woodwork, Card Holders

Brian Thunderhawk (Ciye General)
Traditional/Ceremony Songs
Brian Thunderhawk on Facebook

Joseph Thunder Hawk Sr
Beadwork: Hoop Earrings with Quill

Randy Thunder Hawk
Bows & Arrows

Robert Tiger       Wo Wancå                        
Eagle Butte, South Dakota
Abalone & Conch Shell Adornments
605 848-3630

Cody Twiss
Beadwork: Shooting Star Earrings

Dustin Twiss
Colored pencil drawings, fine art prints and notecards

Alice L. Two Bulls (Bernard Red Cloud III)
Quill Earrings, Bracelets, Headbands; Rawhide, Leather

Andrea Two Bulls
Oil & Acrylic

Colette (June) Two Bulls
Beadwork; Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings

James Two Crow
Tipi Poles

Ward TwoEagle        Nape Waste Wicasa
Painter, Tatoo Artist, Traditional Arts
Find Ward on Facebook


Almira Uemura
SCFNA Secretary



Melvin War Eagle
Graphic Design
Facebook :

Dennis White Face
Acrylic and Ink

Esther White Face
Dolls, Earrings, Keychains

Leo White Horse
Enrolled Member, Rosebud Sioux Tribe
Painting, Graphic Art, Illustration
Springfield, Oregon
Leo WhiteHorse on Facebook

Gayla White Magpie
Deer Antler Feather Earrings



Annette Yellow Horse
Beadwork: Medallions, Barrettes, Necklaces, Earrings, Purses; Pottery; Quillwork

Leonard Yellow Horse          Charter Member 2014 
Cottonwood Carving (chan-kasku)
Find Floco Sanchez on Facebook

Reginald Yellow Horse
Oglala, South Dakota
Cottonwood Carving (chan-kasku)