Seven Council Fires Native Art is a 501c3 nonprofit created to empower and promote Native American artists and crafters and to preserve Native arts traditions.

Plains Indian Art Craft Native Beadwork

In the midst of extreme poverty, Native American arts and crafts remain a lifeline to traditions of the past... and to survival in the present.

Reservations of the Northern Plains
like Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River in South Dakota
are among the poorest places in the United States.

They are also rich in culture and tradition.
Places out of time struggling wildly with life in modern America.

Because arts are so prevalent and jobs are so scarce, as many as one-third of the people depend on the sale of their artwork for all or part of their income.

Native art provides a link to the old ways, connecting  generations.
Native artists are a true living treasure. 

The art of the Oceti Sakowin has emerged through time
to help us understand who we all are as Americans.