Board of Directors

Meet the core group of individuals who share a common passion for creating a supportive, sustainable, lucrative, community-enriching program for Native artists.

Brendon Albers

Brendon Albers is an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe who lives and works near the Pine Ridge Reservation. Brendon is a First People's Fund 2015 Artist in Business Leadership Fellow and 2016 Cultural Capital Fellow. Working primarily in Black Hills alabaster, his stone sculptures are collected throughout the US. In addition to studio work, Mr Albers loves sharing his passion for art through classes and workshops, especially with youth.


Natalie Hilleman

Natalie studied English and Art History at the University of Iowa and editing, design and studio art at the University of Minnesota. Her career includes work as an editor, University program manager and business owner. Natalie has been traveling to Pine Ridge working with Lakota artisans since 2006 and is founder of the Pine Ridge Art Center.

Natalie Hilleman

Almira Uemura

Almira has been active through her church, St Andrews Lutheran, traveling to the Reservation from Ames, Iowa delivering truckloads of clothing and goods through Oyate Teka and Healthy Starts agencies, buying art, and helping with other projects since 2013. Almira is passionate supporter of Lakota artisans and the PRCAC. Almira’s 30 year career includes clerical work for the University of Minnesota, Mary Greeley Medical Center in Iowa, and the Middleton Public Library in Wisconsin. In addition to her work with the art center, Almira has served as Secretary for two other nonprofits, Empower Tanzania and FourFeathers Development.


Dustin Baird

Dustin Baird is an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux tribe, but comes from the Iron Cloud Tiospaye in Porcupine SD. Dustin recently joined Native American Development Corporation as the PTAC representative for the Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Lower Brule and Crow Creek communities. Dustin has over eight years experience working in the wireless industry. He started out building cell phone towers and quickly rose through the ranks as a construction manager and a regional manager for safety and quality control. He has worked for large companies that operate on a national and international scale, as well as small businesses that service local and regional areas. Because of his extensive and varied work experience, Dustin understands what makes a company, both large and small, successful at all levels.  By joining the NADC, Dustin has the tremendously fortunate opportunity to give back to his people by helping native owned businesses expand and become successful. Outside of work Dustin maintains a healthy lifestyle. After losing a close uncle to diabetes and seeing the impact this disease has on Native American communities, he committed himself to working out daily. Dustin also loves to travel. His sense of wanderlust has taken him all over the United States and internationally to surf, sight see, eat exotic foods, and enjoy other cultures.