Summer Collection 2021

Seven Fires Art brings the stories of contemporary Indigenous artists to the world.
Four times a year, a new collection is added.

We love releasing our online art collections each spring, summer, fall and winter, featuring new art by returning artists and introducing new members each season. We are so happy to present to you Summer Collection 2021; our largest, most beautiful collection so far featuring new artists Roger Broer, Dora Antonio, Robert Tiger, and Sungmanitu!

  • Monotypes by Roger Broer
  • Fine art prints and notecards by Dustin Twiss
  • Traditional Acoma Pueblo seed pots by Theresa Poncho
  • Traditional Acoma Pueblo pottery by Dora Antonio
  • Original painting on canvas by Richard Red Owl
  • Original painting on canvas by Thurman Horse
  • Parfleche box and envelopes by Shawn Espinosa
  • Original paintings on canvas by Merle Locke
  • Original ledger art by Merle Locke
  • Original drawings by Howard Blue Bird
  • Traditional conch shell hair ties by Robert Tiger
  • Traditional pipe and medicine bag by Sungmanitu
  • Quillwork bracelets and earrings by Miranda Red Cloud
  • Traditional buckskin doll by Maretta Afraid of Bear
  • Moccasins by Theresa Red Feather
  • Cottonwood carvings by Leonard Yellow Horse