Stuart Grant - Fine Jewelry

The oldest art forms in the world are petroglyphs, paintings and carvings found on rocks and in caves throughout the world. Petroglyphs gave magic and spiritual power to civilizations and fertility to our ancestors. This was the essence of connecting sky, earth and water to humanity.

The work of Stuart Proud Eagle Grant continues this spirit. The Oglala Lakota artist brings new life to this ancient medium, creating it in three-dimensional form. 

During dream time, the spirit figures on the pieces come alive and walk off the rock to work their spiritual medicine. 

To wear Proud Eagle creations completes a circle, connecting the power of the most ancient people to you. 

Watch our video of Stuart Discussing his work! 

You may recognize Stuart from his movie and TV roles. He is best known for Hot Shots! Part Deaux (1993), Switchback (1997), The Cherokee Kid (1996) and Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest (1997). See Stuart's complete filmography at Stuart Proud Eagle Grant - IMDb.

Seven Fires Art is pleased to offer the complete catalog of fine unique sterling silver jewelry by Stuart Grant.

All jewelry designed by Stuart Proud Eagle Grant and made in the USA.  Copyright Stuart Proud Eagle Grant.