Maretta Afraid of Bear

Maretta Afraid of Bear is Oglala Lakota and lives on the Pine Ridge Reservation on the edge of the Badlands outside Oglala, South Dakota with her husband, parfleche artist Shawn Espinosa and their two sons, Cody and Dante. In addition to keeping up with an extraordinary amount of beautiful beadwork, Maretta completed the Registered Nursing program at Oglala Lakota College​ in May 2020 and will be graduating with an Associate of Arts degree in Lakota Studies from OLC in December 2020!

Living in such a remote area of the Reservation, she has overcome an extraordinary number of hurdles to achieve these goals, making her accomplishments so admirable. 

A dependable, charter Member of Seven Fires Art, her traditional, heirloom quality dolls and other beadwork have been an enriching addition to our Mission since 2016.