Shawn Espinosa


Mr Espinosa's work has been shown and sold at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, among other notable places. He is currently working with the Museum of the Fur Trade near Chadron, Nebraska and on soon-to-be announced apparel designs!

An enrolled member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Shawn is self taught and supports his family through the sale of his art.

His heirloom quality parfleche is sure to last generations and increase in value. 

Shawn lives near Oglala, South Dakota with his wife Maretta Afraid of Bear and their two sons, Dante and Cody.

We are pleased to offer a variety of Mr Espinosa's expertly crafted and highly collectable parfleche designs!

You can also find Shawn on Facebook at Espinosa Parfleche and Rawhide.