Original Ledger Art on WWII Ration Book Cover - Lakota Dignity

$ 155.00

Seven Fires Art is pleased to offer this excellent example of traditional Ledger Art by noted Lakota Artist Merle Locke!

#154922 ~ Lakota Dignity

This ink and acrylic on World War II War Ration Book No. 3 cover, signed Merle Locke and dated 2019, is a beautiful and charming example of traditional Native American ledger art. Approximately 11.5" x 4.25" 

Prints: Prints are not currently planned for this piece.

Locke honors the ledger art tradition, often with a twist. With this series, he uses war-era ration tickets, recalling the ration tickets that were also issued to indigenous people during the early years of the reservations.

The colored bars on this Ration Ticket represent the designs painted on parfleche boxes traditionally used to carry food in the early days of the reservations.  

Merle is one of the most recognized Oglala Lakota artists working today! 
Watch a video of Merle discussing his art. 

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