(Signed Fine Art Print) Water Protector

$ 175.00

We are pleased to offer this stunning piece by noted Lakota Artist Joe Pulliam! Native American Watercolor on Double Ledger

Water Protector / Earth Defender 2016

The original watercolor on antique ledger paper from Sheridan County, NE just south of the Pine Ridge, signed with the artist's distinctive signature and dated 2016 is reproduced beautifully in an archival quality giclee' print!

Approximately 17.5" x 22.5" with 1" border. Unframed.

Inspired by the Standing Rock pipeline protest, this fabulous piece features a wealth of Lakota imagery. Colorful and striking, Mr Pulliam's bold colors bring history to life.

Mr Pulliam is a nationally known, award winning artist. His work was featured in a 2016 ledger art exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian-New York and on the cover of the NMAI's Spring 2016 Magazine.

Condition of the Original: No defects or scratches to the art or unusual wear and tear, although this piece is done on antique ledger paper and so normal signs of aging are visible.

Signed Prints: The original has been sold. This painting is available in a limited-edition, high-quality print on archival fine art paper, signed by the artist.

The watermark Pulliam has been added to protect copyright; it is not part of the piece. Copyright remains the property of the artist.

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