Caribbean Flour & Feed Sack Shopping Bags

$ 10.00

Thank you so much for your purchase of these authentic Caribbean repurposed feed and flour sack shopping bags made by Alethea John and her mother Bernice John.

Alethea has a little shop on the island of Bequia that has been hit hard by significantly reduced tourism due to Covid. Your purchase is truly appreciated!

The East Caribbean Feeds bags are approximately 18x18' with two straps.

Cream of the Islands Flour bags are approximately 16x16" with one cross-body strap. 

Very sturdy and super cool. 

I have saved all the comments with specific style/fabric requests from the original Facebook post. Feel free to message me with any additional requests, or if you prefer not to order here.  These will be shipped to you as soon as I return home in May/June.

Feel free to add $3 to help cover shipping!