Newborn Quilled Moccasin and Turtle Amulet Set

$ 300.00

A very special heirloom gift set for a very special baby. Fully quilled moccasins with beautiful colors and pattern. Softest deer hide expertly sewn with harder sole.

Quills are dyed using food coloring. Mocs are approximately 4.5" long x2.5" wide. 

Matching turtle amulet has quilled ring and large natural abalone shell button. Amulet is about 2" in diameter.

This is a unique set; another set like it will not be made.

In the Lakota tradition, Plains Indian mothers took special care of their newborn baby's umbilical cord. When the cord fell off, the mother sewed it into a small buckskin bag, often shaped like a lizard or turtle, but sometimes plain.

This bag was attached to the baby’s cradle as its first toy, later, it was worn around the child’s neck or tied to his clothing. It was kept for a lifetime as a charm to ensure long life, because the cord represented a link between the child’s existence before birth and his life after birth. Source:

Virgil Poafpybitty at his outdoor studio

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