Haipažaža Phežuta

Haipažaža Phežuta means medicine soaps in the Lakota language.

Our products are made in small batches with love and good medicine, good intentions and good prayers for those who will use them. We use ingredients that are organic and harvested from our homelands, as well as fair trade organic products from other parts of the world.

Haipažaža Phežuta

We are Lakota & Dakota from Ocheti Sakowin Tha Makhoche (Homelands of the Seven Council Fires, commonly known as the Great Sioux Nation).

We have six children & one takoza. Chemical-laden & store-bought products caused allergic reactions in our youngest children, so in 2017 we began our journey of creating soaps & other herbal products from our Lakota and Dakota traditional plant knowledge & our Lakota belief that everything we touch carries our spiritual medicine.

Our first batch was a sweet grass soap that immediately was healing for our youngest son. Since then we have grown our business to meet the needs of the larger community. We incorporate our traditional medicine plant relatives in what we create & we align our indigenous values of generosity and reciprocity with our business model by offering a gift with every purchase.​ We reduce the use of plastic bottles by offering shampoo bars as an alternative.

Everything we create is inspired by our Lakota/Dakota homelands, our traditional stories and songs, our children and families and our love for our people.

Seven Fires Art offers a curated collection of our products and your purchase here helps support other Native artists. 

Visit www.haipazazaphezuta.com for more products and information.