Twisted Prayer Stick Pendant ~ 5 1/2"

$ 325.00

Super cool sterling silver pendant with high polish in a very eye-catching size. Narrow strip of heavy silver is stamped with symbols and then twisted uniformly.  5 1/2" long plus substantial bail. Bears the artist's signature stamp at the bottom..

Designed by Stuart Proud Eagle Grant and made in the USA.

Twisted Prayer Stick ~ 5 1/2" 

Each Lakota family kept a Prayer Stick. Each symbol on their stick represented a family member. They held their family while in prayer. A lightning bolt forms in the twist of the Prayer Stick. This gives power and balance between Heaven and Earth as lightning strikes from the ground up.

Please Note; Additional sizes are coming soon: 4", 2 5/8" and 1 5/8" lengths should be available by January 2022.

Many Stuart Grant sterling silver pieces are oxidized (intentionally tarnished) to enhance the design. Do not use liquid or dip silver polish on oxidized pieces. Store sterling silver in Ziploc bags to deter tarnishing. Clean with a soft silver polishing cloth and use a paste silver polish only on the raised and smooth surfaces when necessary.

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