Umbrella "Storm"

$ 30.00 $ 50.00

    • High Grade Polyester – Waterproof and easy to clean. With a sturdy shaft and comfortable handle.
    • Long Last Print  Vibrant designs stay bold.
    • Generous 101cm (40") Diameter  Just the right size to protect you from the rain or sun. 
    • Significance –  Each design is inspired by Native American stories handed down through the generations. 
    • Storm umbrella has wooden shaft and handle.


    For many generations, it was believed that during the Spring Equinox, when the season's first storm arrived, the Wakinyan (Thunder Beings) would return to the Lakota people. This was a time of great ceremony and celebration, for Wakinyan's voice (thunder, lightening, and rain) would mark the beginning of life; a time when the animals, birds, and plants would emerge from their Winter Solstice. It is the Lakota's songs, during this sacred time, that are on this design, wishing the people, plants, and animals good weather.

    Please Note: Umbrellas are made in China.

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