Notecards - Tree of Life

$ 5.00

Each note card features a high-quality reproduction of art by Dustin Twiss on acid-free, textured card stock and is packaged with an envelope in an acetate sleeve. 
Cards are blank inside.

$5 each or $20 for 5 cards of a single design.

Minimum of 5 cards total per order please.

Tree – Chaŋ

This scene features the centerpiece of a Lakota Sundance ceremony, the Tree of Life. A Cottonwood tree is selected and is taken down without being allowed to fall to the ground. The selected tree will have a broad base, branching off into two main directions. One main branch symbolizes the Red Road or the good and positive ways of life. The other branch just the opposite, the negative and bad ways in life.  The tree also serves as a reminder that all things, good and bad, reside together in the branches of the tree. It is up to each individual to decide which branch of the tree he will nourish and make flourish.

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