Notecards - Evening Bull

$ 5.00

Each note card features a high-quality reproduction of art by Dustin Twiss on acid-free, textured card stock and is packaged with an envelope in an acetate sleeve. 
Cards are blank inside; story and artist information are printed on the back of card.

$5 each or $20 for 5 cards of a single design.

Minimum of 5 cards total per order please.

Buffalo – Tatanka
Represents bravery, fortitude and provision 

A young buffalo bull rests in the evening sun, at the end of one day of many he and the other creatures of the prairie must endure, year after year.  Is the bull overheated by the burden of the summer heat?  Is he cold and seeking relief on a short winter day?  All living beings of the Plains must adapt to extreme seasonal changes.

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