Little Uncis (Grandmas)

$ 36.00

Cottonwood Carving (Chan Kasku) by Leonard Yellow Horse.

~Little Uncis (Grandmas)~

Leonard's Uncis are so sweet - wrapped in blankets and long braids. Each has a unique character and special features. When they are grouped together, you can just see the conversations and interactions start to happen!

Feel free to contact us after ordering if you would like to select a particular carving.

Carved from cottonwood sourced from dry riverbeds on the Pine Ridge Reservation, the unique characteristics of the wood dictate the form of each figure.

Approximately 2.75" tall and 1.25" in diameter.

Every piece is signed.
Hand carved with details added using a torch tool.
Signed, original, unique Oglala Lakota Sioux Native American art.

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