Carved Cottonwood Family / Nativity - Set of Three

$ 200.00

Three figures--man, woman and baby in cradle--make a beautiful statement, whether viewed as a Nativity or in homage to the new family.

Mr. Yellow Horse tells us these people already reside in the wood and he simply finds them. The cottonwood roots are sourced from dry riverbeds on the Pine Ridge Reservation-locations can be treacherous! Then the contour and unique characteristics of each root dictates the form of the piece. All are signed with the artist's distinctive winged symbol (see last photo). Hand carved with details added using a torch tool.

Please Note: Your art will be similar to the set shown in size and shape but each hand carved piece is made to order and will be unique. Each piece will have at least one special feature such as the dragonfly and feather details shown here. Your payment is held in escrow until art is delivered by the artist. You will then have the opportunity to view photos and approve the piece before your art is shipped. 

Small Set: Tallest piece is 4-5" height.
Medium Set: Tallest piece is 7-9" height.
Large Set: Tallest piece is 10-12" height.

Leonard's work was featured in Indian Country Media Network. 

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