Carved Cottonwood Chief Yellow Horse

$ 155.00

Cottonwood Carving (Chan Kasku) by Leonard Yellow Horse

Chief Yellow Horse

Chief Yellow Horse walks quietly into your awareness. Seeming rather plain at first, the details emerge with deeper study: A war bonnet that cascades more like angel wings is really the main feature of this piece, but Mr. Yellow Horse has also carved braids, a bone breast plate, decorated shield with feathers, a buffalo robe and other details into this small figure.

The unique characteristics of the wood dictate the form of each figure. Mr Yellow Horse tells us these people already reside in the wood and he simply brings them out. The cottonwood is sourced from dry riverbeds on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Signed with the artist's distinctive signature and dated. Original hand carved cottonwood root with details added using a torch tool. 8.5" tall.