Carved Cottonwood Chief 15.5"

$ 290.00

Cottonwood Carving (Chan Kasku) by Leonard Yellow Horse


One of the first of 2021 by Leonard Yellow Horse! A Lakota Elder with long braid covers, a breastplate, shield and feathers, but it's the speckled grey headdress that really highlight this piece. Yellow Horse uses the contours and grain of the wood in a truly amazing and artful way. 

The contour and unique characteristics of each piece of wood dictate the form. Mr Yellow Horse tells us these figures already reside in the wood and he simply finds them and brings them out. The cottonwood was sourced from dry riverbeds near Tulsa, Oklahoma. The bottom is signed and dated 2021. The back of the headdress bears Yellow Horses' signature symbol.

Hand carved with details added using a torch tool and grey paint.

15.5" tall x 4" diameter.

Signed, original, unique Oglala Lakota Sioux Native American cottonwood carving.

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