We have partnered with the creators of Wicouncage Cultural Healing Camp to carry out our common goals of passing on Native traditions to youth.

We are still seeking donations to make the camp happen this year. Please contact us for more information about how you or your organization can get involved.

Wicouncage Mission Statement

To provide youth with a safe and positive experience focused on increasing knowledge of Lakota culture and teachings and offering a variety of life skills and self-empowering knowledge through connections with healthy adult mentors.

Wicouncage Goals and Objectives

Our focus is to provide youth with a safe and positive experience, implement a Lakota-tailored education that is relevant to today’s culture, and a system of care for children that will develop increased knowledge and deeper understanding of Lakota culture, history, self-identity, empowerment and sanctity of human life. We will:  
1) Provide age-appropriate Lakota cultural activities and mentoring that reinforces education and positive self worth
2) Advise in traditional, positive family roles such as healthy communication strategies and positive conflict resolution
3) Teach ways of incorporating traditional practices into daily life
4) Identify and implement traditional Lakota self care practices

Wicouncage Facilitators

GERARD CONROY (605)899-1616 Email: wicouncage@gmail.com

WAKINYAN FORNEY(605)454-5755 Email: wakinyanforney@gmail.com

PAUL FORNEY (605) 454-5757 Email: paulforney@hotmail.com

BRENDON ALBERS (605) 685-1342 Email: brendon.alberss@gmail.com 

6-Day Cultural Healing Camp Program and Agenda