Bow and Arrows - Green

$ 400.00

We've been telling you that Ward Two Eagle is one of those rare artists whose talent is notable across several different mediums and here's proof:

Handmade Bow and Four Arrows - Ash

Signed Ed Two Eagle, bow is completely hand-carved from Ash wood and is  protected by a tough clear finish. Extra large hand grip is soft leather sewn onto the bow.  Bow is strung with a twisted string and decorated on the end with horsehair and red sinew.

Arrows are also Ash and professionally finished with feathers and sinew. The tips are very sharp, hand-honed metal.  Four arrows are included in the set.

These bow and arrow sets are meant to be used! They are fully-functioning, can be used for hunting or targets.

Bow is 39" in length. Arrows are 25".

Copyright remains the property of the artist.

Ward Two Eagle's son Feather Boy demonstrates the bow and arrow!

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