Pointing with Lips: A Week in the Life of a Rez Chick

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Sincere Strongheart is a modern day rez chick and single mother of three, living on one of the poorest Indian reservations in America. The novel Pointing with Lips covers a week of her life in Pine Ridge, interacting with many unforgettable characters in her large family. Sincere’s story is funny, raw, sad, even suspenseful, but the main struggle lives inside her as she hopes to overcome the buried demons of her past.
Fiction, 326 pages.

Born and raised on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Dana moved back and forth, on and off the reservation from the age of 18. She was the mother of three sons, Ty, Jalen, and Stephon and one daughter, Justice. Lone Hill, Oglala Lakota, was internationally recognized for her freelance writing in the Guardian newspaper, Last Real Indians, Lakota Country Times, The Intersection of Madness and Reality, LA Progressive and her popular blog. 

Dana also worked with beads, quills and parfleche. Her earrings and other pieces were each unique works of art.

Sadly, Dana passed away in 2019 at the age of just 47.

Reviews for Pointing with Lips

“It is rare that you come across a new voice as authentic as Dana Lone Hill. She writes with passion and determination about a side of America that few will ever see. But Lonehill takes you there with emotion and raw power. Pointing With Lips is a startling debut.” - Paul Harris, The Guardian 

“Dana Lone Hill is a powerful new voice from Lakota Country that has so often been confined to historical stereotype or painted in a contemporary setting with a one dimensional brush. Dana shatters those shackles and forms a deeply personal, raw and moving narrative that takes the reader deep into contemporary life on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, one of the world’s most complex and engaging societies.” -Steven Lewis Simpson director of the Native films Rez Bomb, A Thunder-Being Nation & The Hub. 

“With so much literature out there attempting to portray authentic Native life, it is refreshing to have a work written from the perspective of someone who has actually lived it. This book is essential reading for those attempting to understand the life of Native people living in America.” - Brandon Ecoffey, editor, Native Sun News

“Pointing with Lips by Dana Lone Hill just might be one of the best books I’ve come across—if not the best. A beautiful, entertaining, relatable, inspirational, and so-much-more read, Lone Hill’s poetic yet readable wording makes you feel as if you’re sitting attentively across from her, gripping a cup a coffee waiting for more.” - Patricia Stein, Urban Native Magazine

POINTING WITH LIPS © 2014 was published by Blue Hand Books, a collective of Native American authors who guide and assist other Native writers to publish their paperbacks and ebooks using Amazon's Create Space and KDP. They are based in western Massachusetts. 

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