Theresa Red Feather


Theresa is a devoted parent and grandparent who earns her income solely through sale of her artwork. Theresa's fabric, bead and leather work ranges from custom moccasins to jewelry to traditional clothing. Theresa was born in 1960 and is 4/4th Oglala Lakota. Theresa lives just outside Pine Ridge Village with her husband Howard Blue Bird.

Theresa is a talented seamstress as well as traditional artist in leather crafts and bead work. Members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and especially the Pine Ridge community often turn to Theresa for moccasins and regalia, as she is one of the few remaining artisans creating custom moccasins and other beaded artwork using the traditional lazy stitch. Theresa is not an award-winning artist or one to show her work often, but humbly carries on Lakota tradition of supporting her family through her craft and teaching her grandchildren along the way.