Notecards - Calling Bull

$ 5.00

Each note card features a high-quality reproduction of art by Dustin Twiss on acid-free, textured card stock and is packaged with an envelope in an acetate sleeve. Cards are blank inside.

$5 each or $20 for 5 cards of a single design.

Minimum of 5 cards total per order please.

Elk - Heȟáka

A bull elk calls for his harem across the Badlands and into the Western sky. Elk only have two upper front teeth that do not deteriorate with time. Made of ivory, they are remnants of tusks from long ago. Elk teeth were a symbol of prominence on the plains and were often worn as jewelry or used in trade.  A Lakota woman wearing a nice elk tooth necklace might indicate a well providing husband or father.

The Badlands across the bottom depict Stronghold, Cuny and Red Shirt Tables. Stronghold Table rests high above the Badlands and only has one access point via Cuny Table.  A highly defensible position that offers distant vision, fresh water, game, wood and shelter, Stronghold Table was the destination of Chief Bigfoot’s band when he was intercepted by the U.S. Military at Wounded Knee Creek.

On the horizon are the Black Hills and the highest point there, Black Elk’s Peak. In the background captures the bold sunsets of the Badlands.

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