Benjamin Leedom

3 Feathers Star Quilts

3 Feathers Star Quilts is a Native American owned and operated multi-generational enterprise.

They proudly craft a wide variety of star quilts in the Northern Cheyenne and Santee Sioux style adding a modern twist to this time-honored tradition.


Star quilts have been in Leedom’s family for three generations.

Inspired and supported by his family, he established 3 Feathers in 2010 and the business has grown ever since.

Like many Native American children, Leedom’s great grandmother was sent away to boarding school.  While there, she learned the Amish quilting style and shared that knowledge with her family, blending the style with their own heritage as “star people.” 

Leedom is bringing his culture and this representation of people in the sky to the masses.


About the Artist

Leedom, an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe, Santee Sioux and a Navy veteran, established himself as a premier star quilt maker over time by combining his eye for detail, color and patterns, along with modern styles and customizations.  For Leedom, star quilts represent the sky and have created a whole new way of life.  Through his travels and as the business grows, Leedom has spread his unique designs far and wide.  He is also able to capture his people’s experience and his own experience as a warrior in his powerful designs. His work is owned and appreciated by athletes, musicians, and world leaders. He is  also trying to break through to several Native American resorts and casinos.

Star Quilts for Every Occasion

Milestones are held near and dear in Native American communities.  As such, 3 Feathers Star Quilts plays a special part in many families' births, graduations, weddings, deaths, and more.  As a family heirloom, these beautifully crafted star quilts truly last forever.

Own Your Star Quilt Today

Whether you are interested in one of our most popular designs, or prefer a unique customization, a star quilt is a beautiful and timeless piece for every home. 3 Feathers Star Quilts feature the finest materials. While most quilt makers use traditional materials and styles, 3 Feathers uses crushed velvet and suede and also specializes in satin quilts using the highest quality satin.  Whether for a bed, couch or wall hanging, 3 Feathers can create quilts to match your desired dimensions and style.  We would be honored to collaborate on your star quilt, let us know your vision.

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